Slow juicer

Hurom H400

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Hurom H400 Slow Juicer, The “Perfect” Combination

The Hurom H400 slow juicer is a premium product that brings convenience to your kitchen. With today’s most advanced and modern slow-squeezing technology and 90 rpm rotation speed at low temperature, the machine helps to keep the flavor, nutrients and vitamins from fresh vegetables intact. The 3-in-1 juicer blade automatically chops ingredients, 150W power and 2L large capacity allows you to quickly squeeze delicious and nutritious juice.

The design of the Hurom H400 slow juicer is very modern and luxurious

With a compact vertical cylinder shape, a height of only 47cm, a neat and delicate body design brings a modern and luxurious beauty. With a weight of only 6.2kg and a power cable of 1.4m, you can easily move the machine to many different locations and use it according to your needs. In addition, there are many different color versions, combining two youthful and eye-catching colors, providing many options to suit every kitchen space and attracting the eye from the first time, making the kitchen more attractive. Modern and upscale.

Hurom H400 slow juicer uses the most modern slow juicing technology today

With slow juicer speed and low temperature, 75 rpm rotation speed, the machine retains most of the minerals and vitamins found in vegetables. The juices are delicious, refreshing and much more nutritious than traditional juicing methods. Thanks to the slow juicing speed, the Hurom H400 slow juicer squeezes juice slowly and steadily without generating excessive heat or strong friction, helping to squeeze out vegetables and fruits without losing nutrients and does not produce substances harmful to human health. The 3-in-1 blade automatically cuts ingredients to make juicing easy and avoid jams.

Made from high-quality materials, the Hurom H400 slow juicer is absolutely safe for users

Products are manufactured from high quality ABS plastic, safe and anti-wear, anti-oxidation. The blade uses safe stainless steel material, which will not rust after a period of use. The design of the fruit pulp tray integrated on the body helps save space and create aesthetics for the product.

One of the convenient features of Hurom H400 is the ability to automatically memorize

The machine will automatically shut off when you open the lid to add ingredients and after closing the lid, the machine will automatically run according to the previously memorized pressing mode. There is no need to manually adjust the modes manually.

Extra large storage compartment, capacity up to 2L

With a 2L material storage compartment, 13.9cm hopper mouth, the Hurom H400 slow juicer can hold a variety of different vegetables and fruits without worrying about space problems or spills, for example. such as tomatoes, grapes, oranges, cauliflower, etc. In particular, you don’t need to cut or chop large ingredients when juicing, which is very convenient.

Hurom H400 slow juicer is easy to clean and maintain

Similar to the Hurom H300 series, you can easily disassemble parts and clean quickly. The press shaft and blade can be removed gently, without great pressure, and can then be cleaned directly under the tap. After cleaning, please dry the parts and leave in a cool place to use

Hurom H400 Slow Juicer, The “Perfect” Combination

If you need a more compact machine with a small capacity and versatile juicing, with all the features that users need, combined with a sophisticated design, the Hurom H400 slow juicer is a good choice. Great choice for every family

With a capacity of 150W, the Hurom H400 slow juicer can squeeze juice quickly and efficiently, in just a short time, delivering rich juices, rich in natural fiber and full of flavor.

Product: H400

Dimensions (mm): 169(w)*261(d)*471(h)

Weight: 6.7 kg

Frequency: 60 Hz

Power: 150W

Voltage: 220 volts

Number of revolutions: 75 rpm

Use time: 30 minutes / time (for 1-2 minutes to rest, then use normally)

Materials: Stainless steel, ABS plastic

Place of Origin: Korea