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Hurom H-AA Newseries

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Hurom HAA New Series Slow Juicer – 2021

Hurom HAA New Series slow juicer is a very convenient slow juicer, with many outstanding features, suitable for many different uses, can be used for families or businesses, coffee shops, juice. As the preferred choice of users because this Hurom HAA series has many uses to meet many different needs.

Keep nutrients intact with a rotation speed of 43 rpm

The Hurom HAA New Series slow juicer is replacing the traditional cutting blade with slow speed juicing technology, which helps the machine produce a concentrated juice product, not mixed with water, completely retaining the nutrients in vegetables, fruit.

Hurom brand produces slow juicers with advanced squeezing technology, squeezing with a screw at a slow speed of 43 rpm, no need to grind at a high speed with a sharp blade, but just grind and squeeze it out to make it more efficient. produces more juice than the traditional grinding method. This method has no net friction, thus preserving 90% of vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables. The color and flavor are also kept intact

Can juice all vegetables and fruits

Produced with high-quality materials, equipped with many advanced juicing technologies, Hurom HAA slow juicer can juice most vegetables, roots and fruits regardless of whether the ingredients are hard or soft.

In particular, the Hurom HAA slow juicer also makes cool ice cream from fruit. Consuming ice cream made from fresh fruit instead of ice cream bought from outside will limit a large amount of chemical sugars and colorants, so worries about the health of the family and children are no longer a problem thanks to the kit. ice cream grid part of this machine.

The motor operates smoothly and saves electricity

Use Hurom HAA slow juicer every day without fear of consuming a lot of electricity, because this HAA series has been used with a 1-phase induction motor, power consumption is only 150W, super power saving and quiet operation. Avoiding the problem of too loud sound, reducing vibration does not affect the activities of family members. In addition, the HAA slow juicer is also equipped with a gear reducer, which helps the pulp to be pushed out easily and not stuck like other blenders.

Comfortable working continuously for 30 minutes

Because it is equipped with advanced components and functions, the Hurom HAA stamping machine can operate for 30 minutes continuously without heating or generating heat. As a result, choosing Hurom HAA will optimize usage time, making business operations more convenient and efficient. Besides, it also helps large households, more convenient in making juice every day.

High quality materials, safe for users’ health

Hurom HAA slow juicer is made of high quality plastic, PP plastic, ABS plastic, Tritan plastic, stainless steel, extremely durable and sturdy. These materials will not produce toxins, ensuring safety for the health of users.

Auto shut-off feature for absolute safety

With the criterion of always prioritizing the health and safety of users. Hurom brand models are always equipped with a safety shutdown mode. Hurom HAA slow juicer too, when you open the lid, the machine will automatically disconnect and vice versa.

Easy to clean and disassemble

The Hurom HAA series is also equipped with high-quality materials, in addition the components are also minimalist, making it easier to disassemble and easier to clean after use.

Smart machine construction

Hurom HAA slow juicer is designed with an opening and closing lid to keep the juice in the compartment, you can be more creative in mixing vegetables and fruits together. The top of the machine is also equipped with a dosing scale to help users monitor the amount of juice, preventing it from overflowing.

Prioritize convenience

The transparent hopper can see the pressed material being put into the pressing chamber.

The pulp outlet is also designed differently by Hurom than before, reducing the pressure on the machine, so it also helps to make the residue smoother and makes the cleaning process easier, more convenient, and proactive in adjusting depending on the situation. fruits, avoid jams or spills.

Hurom HAA slow juicer is more improved in appearance, has a curved design at the bottom of the machine, is a stylized highlight for the machine to look more eye-catching and the user can hold it and easily move it. other.

Attractive appearance, eye-catching colors

The Hurom HAA slow juicer has a design that is extremely outstanding compared to previous Hurom models, with a slim hopper separate from the pressing chamber, eye-catching diverse colors, outstanding in the family’s kitchen.

Hurom HAA New Series – 2021 slow juicer, the perfect choice

With many diverse and convenient functions, the Hurom HAA slow juicer will be a great choice for a small family or a large family. In addition, this machine is also the first choice for business households, juice shops, coffee shops… Promises that the Hurom HAA series will not disappoint users.

Product: Hurom H-AA New Series Slow Juicer.
Dimensions: 223 x 180 x 407 mm.
Power Consumption: 150W
Weight: 4.8 Kg
Voltage: 220V
Rotation speed: 43 rpm
Engine: A/C
Material: Case material: ABS, Press shaft: Tritan, hopper: ABS
Continuous operation time: 30 minutes
Made in Korea