Slow juicer

Hurom H100S

7.735.000 VNĐ

Hurom S H100S – Upgraded version with many improvements

Unlike the H100 version, the Hurom H100S Juicer was born with many improvements that are more convenient, more compact and more suitable to the needs of customers.

With an effort to improve, listen to opinions, understand the needs of customers, the Hurom H100S Juicer line was born as a necessity to serve the increasing health needs of today.

Convenient design

The design of the Hurom H100S Juicer brings a sense of luxury with its sophisticated design and excellent juice quality.

Innovative dual hopper design, safer to use thanks to a design that does not require the user to put their hands in the hopper when adding ingredients. The increased size of the hopper also makes it easier to remove fruit without chopping.

Hurom H100S juicer fully designed filters suitable for coarse pressing and ice cream making.

The filter of the Hurom H100S Juicer is easy to clean by simply rinsing it under running water.

Design a knob to turn on / off / reverse instead of the button as before.

In particular, the improved version of the Hurom H100S Juicer removes the juicer base, so the design is more compact than ever, and easy to move. In addition, it also helps to save more kitchen space.

Simple structure

 In addition to the three colors red, black and cream color to respect the luxurious look of the machine, the parts of the Hurom H100S Juicer are also improved much simpler than a regular juicer. Users can completely disassemble it after each use and wash it easily, without much effort.

Hurom H100S juicer has a smooth running motor, low vibration. In addition, the outlet tube has a lid that makes it easy to get juice, without worrying about water dripping outside, and the cover also helps prevent insects from entering, ensuring the cleanliness of the plants. your glass of juice.

 Super economical 150W power consumption, quiet operation, vibration reduction and no noise. Allows you to use the press at any time of the day without worrying about too much noise.

Hurom H100S juicer with slow juicing technology is capable of squeezing the maximum amount of juice in fruit 4 times more than conventional juicers.

Container capacity: 350 ml
Dimensions: Width 210 x Length 224 x Height 471 mm
Weight: 5.8kg (Including packaging ~8.3kg)
Rotation speed: 43 rpm
Engine: A/C
Voltage: 220V / 50-60Hz
Power: 150W
Plug cord length: 1.4 M
Materials: Body: ABS, Container: Tritan, Stuffing shaft : ABS
Warranty: 10 years on motor (Manufacturer defect)