Slow juicer

Hurom H310A

6.675.000 VNĐ

Hurom H310A Juicer – Latest Slow Juicer 2022

Hurom H310A – Luxury at your fingertips

Hurom’s current customer segment is gradually targeting young customers who are in need of health care and self-care. Or maybe suitable for buying to give as gifts to relatives and family. With the desire to make efforts to listen and understand customers, over the years, Hurom always launches increasingly improved products, constantly changing to suit consumers as best as possible. This year is no exception, as the Hurom family recently welcomed a new member named Hurom H310A.

Miniature “Hurom H300”

True to its name, Hurom H310A Slow Juicer is a contraction for the Hurom H300 series, giving customers new, unique but equally luxurious experiences. The compact nature of the machine is one of the innovative advantages of this press. The Hurom H310A slow juicer brings a compact, space-saving style to your family’s kitchen.

The pressing chamber of this Hurom H310A series has the same structure as the Hurom H300 but with a much smaller version. Using the integrated pressing net inside the juice compartment, the juice after squeezing is kept almost intact with the nutrients of the fruit.

Similar to the Hurom H300 version, the pressing compartment of Hurom H310A is also designed with a mesh integrated into the juice compartment, so that the amount of fiber and enzymes in the juice will be higher, better for the digestive system.

Smooth and gentle operation

Considered as the quietest slow juicer in all Hurom series ever, Hurom H310A has shown to be effective when used, especially the detachable power cord that can be pulled out when not in use. need to be used.

If you already know Hurom H300 is a large-sized line, with its own cutting compartment that helps you to handle all kinds of fruits and vegetables well, In addition, as the line known as All In One, the filter is integrated with the filter. integrated into the cutting cavity, helping me to save a lot of time in cleaning.

In this Hurom H310A series, what makes it popular with many families in the Korean market is also because of its compactness and convenience, suitable for families of 2 or alone. Unlike the Hurom H300 series, the switch part of the Hurom H310A returns to the 1-touch rotary switch like that of the Hurom H200 series, about the pressing shaft that has been designed to fit and is no longer as loose as the Hurom H300 series.In particular, when using the Hurom H310A series, the engine sound is very quiet, much quieter than all Hurom series. In addition, this Hurom H310A series is also designed with a separate cutting compartment, which helps to handle hard fruits such as guava, apple, carrot, ….

The amount of enzymes and fiber is kept the same when pressing with the Hurom H310A series, thanks to the pressing mesh integrated into the press chamber, it will save time for cleaning problems. In addition, when using the Hurom H310A series, it is necessary to pay attention when assembling the machine, the machine will automatically lock when it is started.

The design of the Hurom H310A series with three gentle, delicate and eye-catching colors is suitable for consumers. In addition, the three colors blue, white and black along with this color design will help customers have more choices in their own kitchen.

Along with that, besides the pulp discharge pipe, the juice pipeline also has a blocking cap to help prevent droplet interference after squeezing.

With four fancy blue, black, white and purple colors, diverse but equally luxurious, Hurom H310A will bring great experiences in the family’s kitchen.


Product : Hurom H310A Juicer

Dimensions: 160 x 171.5 x 395 mm

Weight: 3.7kg

Number of revolutions: 43 rpm

Engine: A/C

Made in Korea

Warranty: 10 years for motor, 2 years for press shaft (manufacturer’s fault)