Slow juicer

Hurom H300E

9.940.000 VNĐ

The current Hurom slow juicers always gain a lot of trust with customers, and are increasingly trusted by customers. And information about new Hurom products is always eagerly sought, and the Hurom H300 Slow Juicer series is no exception. This proves that the attraction as well as the success of the Hurom slow juicers is undisputed

So what makes Hurom H300 such a big attraction?

The slim design of the Hurom H300 Juicer is one of the new breakthroughs in design compared to all previous Hurom juicers. The point in the design of this machine is the color that highlights the overall texture, exalting the luxury, suitable for the family’s kitchen. Designed with the intelligent feature of detecting jams, the machine will automatically rotate in the opposite direction. Thanks to this feature, the machine has shortened the control interface.

The operation button part of the machine is now more convenient when just one touch in one press. To rotate in reverse just press and hold this button. The button of the Hurom H300 Juicer is also equipped with an LED light to add a luxurious touch to the machine.

The speed of Hurom H300 Juicer has also been increased much compared to previous Hurom juicer products. If before, the rotation speed of the previous lines will be from 40-43 rpm. Now, the Hurom H300 series you will experience the rotation speed of 70-73 rpm. This will make juicing vegetables faster and easier.

Utility structure – Save time

True to its All in one name, in addition to saving time when squeezing, changing the mesh is no longer a problem when the pressing mesh has been integrated into the machine’s pressing chamber, with only one With a single press, you can easily make juice, fruit, smoothies, vegetables, ice cream, etc. In addition, this integration also makes it easier to clean.

Like the H200, the Hurom H300 Juicer is also designed with a separate cutting cavity, making juicing hard fruit no longer a problem for customers when using Hurom family products.

In terms of sound, the Hurom H300 Juicer is built with a noiseless vibration reduction mode, in order to bring the maximum feeling to the user.

The structure of the Hurom H300 Juicer is also very interesting as it is designed with 2 components, which can be fitted together when used. Hurom H300 juicer has a device that prevents the peel or pulp of the fruit and does not squeeze out the juice from those ingredients, resulting in a completely natural product without water. Ensure 100% nutrition from vegetables and fruits, retain the original color and flavor of fruits, and most of all, vitamins or beneficial bacteria are retained.

The power cord can also be disassembled when not in use, helping to avoid breaking the power cord.

Product: H300
Dimensions (mm): 229(W) x 221(D) x 462(H) mm
Weight: 6.2 kg
Frequency: 60 Hz
Wattage: 150W
Voltage: 220V
Number of revolutions: 70 rpm
Used Time: 30 minutes/time (let the machine rest for 1-2 minutes then use normally)
Material: Stainless steel, ABS plastic
Where production: 100% imported from Korea