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Hurom H200

9.520.000 VNĐ

Hurom H200 Slow Juicer

After the great success of previous models, Hurom is currently storming in the land of kimchi and slow juicers are also very popular in this country. To meet the needs of customers using slow juicers, Hurom has launched the H200 series with outstanding slow juicing technology. Squeeze all kinds of fruits and vegetables quickly and easily. Up to now, this is also a slow juicer that is chosen and trusted by many customers.

Equipped with hole on the lid, convenient to add ingredients

The lid of the H200 slow juicer is quite lively, designed with a round hole, solving the problem of spilling when opening the lid. With this design, you only need to add ingredients and skip the opening and closing stages.

Smart knife, self-cutting, squeezing materials

Hurom H200 slow juicer is a machine that owns this modern technology. Equipped with cutting and pressing technology, thanks to the self-cutting knife unit, this H200 series can cut materials into small pieces without the user having to spend a lot of time. In addition, the Hurom H200 slow juicer is also designed with an extremely large compartment, which can hold 3 apples at a time. Now, the preparation of fruit, chopping ingredients is no longer a problem.

The slowest squeezing technology

To ensure 100% nutrition from fruits and vegetables, preserve juice for longer, anti-oxidation, keep the taste and color of fruit intact. Hurom has produced this advanced slow juicing technology with a motor rotation speed of 50 rpm, this ideal speed will not produce high heat and retain all the nutrients from the ingredients.

Flexible dual filter

The Hurom H200 slow juicer has a dual interlocking filter that matches every detail to ensure that nutrients do not leak out. This dual filter also makes it easier for users to remove and clean. Just rinse under the tap for a few seconds, what remains on the filter will automatically wash away without much scrubbing.

Easier to disassemble with Hurom H200 

A machine with full advanced functions, modern, many top-notch functions, but still simple and easy to disassemble. Hurom H200 slow juicer is composed of only 5 parts, aimed at users of all ages, everyone can use and clean in the easiest way.

Maximum storage compartment

Today’s machine hopper is 3 times larger than the hopper of old models. In this Hurom H200 slow juicer line, Hurom has improved the storage compartment to the maximum, the maximum capacity is up to 2L, meeting the needs of use for the whole family or coffee shop, juice, household business. business…

Sophisticated design

Hurom H200 slow juicer carries on it a design with a vertical box design, with compact criteria for easy use by users, saving space and area for the kitchen. Equipped with elegant colors, blend into the kitchen space of every home.

In addition, the Hurom H200 slow juicer also has other extremely convenient functions

Automatic locking function, keeping the user’s absolute safety

When the lid is opened, the motor of the slow juicer will automatically stop working, and after the lid is closed, the machine will automatically work again as normal.

Smooth engine

The motor of the Hurom H200 slow juicer is extremely quiet, does not emit noise, does not affect the daily life of family members.

Unique waste tray

The pulp tray is designed to fit neatly into the machine compartment, avoiding spillage and saving kitchen space and space.

Hurom H200 slow juicer also saves maximum power. In addition, the bottom of the juice compartment is inclined at 7 degrees, helping the juice to flow out of the machine completely without getting stuck.

Product: H200
Dimensions (mm): 286 x 176 x 445 mm
Weight: 6.5kg
Frequency: 60 Hz
Wattage: 2000W
Voltage: 220 volts
Number of revolutions: 75 rpm
Used Time: 30 minutes/time (let the machine rest for 1-2 minutes then use normally)
Material: Stainless steel, ABS plastic
Origin: Korea